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Bridestory Indonesia's Insights: 2019 Wedding Trend Forecast & 2018 Wedding Industry Report

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Do you have clients who are still confused about their wedding day visual concept? Consider some of our predicted future trends to be presented to your clients. Also, advice them about the time and budget preparations using our wedding industry insight.

2019 Indonesia Wedding Trend Forecast

First of all, we will share to you the wedding trends that will be the most-wanted themes this year. If last year we have stardust as the most popular trend, 2019 will be the turn of totally different ambiances. Check the upcoming trends we predict will be the frontrunners in this year's wedding scenes.

Theme #1: Modern Heritage

2019 will give opportunities for brides to appreciate the beauty of their family's cultural legacy through Modern Heritage. The theme pays tributes to their cultural roots through incorporate modern vibe with traditional essence.

Modern Heritage: Decor & Flowers

As our 2019's main trend, Modern Heritage will highlight decorations that are full of local flowers and foliage in freshly modern arrangements. The color scheme definitely remind us of vintage yet contemporary feels.

Match them with rattan weave and wicker details. Apply these details on the furniture, such as lightings and dining chairs, as well as use them as interior accessories.

Terracotta pots and earthenware elements will also be main features in the decorations. Be inspired by local craftsmanship and don't hold yourself to expect to play with these add-ons to arrange them as a thoughtful touch that adorns each corner of the venue.

Modern Heritage: Gifts & Stationary

The 2019 wedding souvenirs will celebrate sleek and clean design with a hint of cultural patterns. Turn organic materials into new and modern shapes, and don't hesitate to create a refined presentation of traditional food and beverages.

Modern Heritage: Dress & Attires

For the happy couple, modern silhouette attires with ethnical embellishment are the perfect look for this theme. Through detailed applications, traditional-inspired manifestations in dresses will be taken into a whole new level.

Classical styles with subtler details and colors will also be a thing for the bride and groom's appearance. As a designer, try to pair traditional fabrics with casual or modern outfit to visualize a modern heritage look.

Modern Heritage: Wedding Cake

Local flower ornaments will be much more interesting for the tier this year. In addition, traditional patterns in subtle colors and minimalist adornments will be a great wrap for the wedding cake.

Theme #2: Coral Crush

Our next trend illustrates a vibrant, warm, energizing and versatile spirit. Inspired by Living Coral as Pantone Color of the Year 2019, Coral Crush attracts us with its playful and expressive shades.

Coral Crush: Decor & Flowers

The decoration's excitement will start with a lot of ombre features, monochromatic shades with a pop of coral tones, rich and textured materials, as well as modern and contemporary tropical vibes.

Coral Crush: Gifts & Stationary

Couples will invest gifts and stationery budget on classic pattern design in bold bright coral hue, or a combination of warm and cool palettes with androgynous vibe from the bold and clean fonts.

Coral Crush: Wedding Cake

Meanwhile, organic-shaped and natural-textured garnish with contrasting color ornaments will be a great combination to adorn the cake. This wedding's focal point will catch everyone's attention through its bespoke design.

Theme #3: Modern Romance

A lot of lovebirds will also prefer clean and sleek atmosphere for their special day, thus we also have predicted that Modern Romance will be one of the most favorable wedding themes. This trend is the manifestation of our desire for simplified way of life, combined with the everlasting passions for romance.

Modern Romance: Decor & Flowers

The surroundings will highlight Scandinavian-characteristic styling and neutral colors paired with bright hues, but it should not stop you to explore structural and art-inspired installations. Sleek lines and clean details should be included in the mood board as well.

Modern Romance: Gifts & Stationary

To match the theme, gifts and stationery design will take side on organic materials and cutting. It is time for graphic designers to have a great time exploring simple fonts and illustrations to the design.

Modern Romance: Wedding Cake

Say goodbye to gigantic layered cake because because less is more! Multiple small-sized cakes with dainty and delicate ornaments in single-colored tiers will be couples' most requested wedding cake.

2018 Indonesia Wedding Industry Report

Now let's see how Indonesian couples have invested their time, energy and budget to make their dream wedding come true through our 2018 Wedding Industry Report.We gathered data from 5,000 Bridestory users from various cities to respond to our questionnaires. Our respondents come from Jakarta and surroundings, Bali, Bandung, Surabaya and Medan.

The couples mostly found vendors from friends and family's recommendations, followed by from Bridestory, the social media and wedding exhibitions, but they also looked references from wedding exhibitions.

Most of them needed more than 12 months to prepare their once in a lifetime event. The first vendors being contacted were the venue, and hair & make-up team which could take a year prior to the event. Starting from 11 months before the D-day, the couples would be in conversations with the wedding planners. The last vendors on the list were invitations, souvenirs and wedding bands which mostly took only 3-6 months of preparation.

The budget mostly came from the bride and the groom themselves. However, the groom sometimes funded most of their wedding budget. Either groom's or bride's parents also did not mind to be the main financial supports.

Talking about the wedding size, most of these couples invited 100 - 500 guests for their wedding, followed by 500 - 1,000 people. Apparently, some of them were fans of intimate weddings by inviting only 50 - 100 people.

For their guests, the most affordable budget was around IDR 325,000 per guest, while IDR 5,000,000 per pax was considered as a luxurious wedding. The moderate budget was IDR 650,000 per pax which was mostly practiced by our respondents.

To give your future clients an idea about wedding budgeting, here is an illustration to help them set their maximum budget. Based on affordable budget rate, you can help them to make a decision whether to have an intimate wedding or a luxurious celebration.

For wedding planners, take a look at the chart above for our recommendation on wedding budget allocations in general. Advice your clients to invest 40% of their budget to venue and catering. The second priorities should be invested on decoration and wedding attires.

Now that you already have insights about the upcoming wedding trends and last year's couples' behaviors on wedding budgeting, you can start strategizing your business better as early as possible.

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