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Bridestory Quarterly Statistics: January - March 2019

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It's time to strategies' evaluation and optimization. Here is our statistical report for the period of January to March 2019.

Gold membership offers you more benefits

Compared to the previous quarter, leads achieved by Gold vendors have leveled up to 165. Moreover, this quarter has proven that sending message feature was able to increase leads from only 4% to 6.4%. Thus, we highly recommend you never to miss checking and replying every message sent by users/future clients.

Visitor's numbers keep increasing

During the first quarter in 2019, the visitor's numbers percentage has increased, especially visitors who used application and site on the mobile gadget. The numbers of visitor have raised 5 - 7% than last year's fourth quarter. Time spent on Bridestory site also climbed to 11 minutes 19 seconds. In general, we recorded that 764,000 users visited Bridestory every month.

Black color bolden the visual

Visitors of this quarter seemed to put attention to bold element which was proven by black being one of the most searched colors. Interestingly, red and peach were still the most favorite colors for six months. Particularly peach, brides-to-be's interest in this color showed that more people are looking for a visual atmosphere that is similar to our trend predictions, both Coral Crush and Modern Heritage.

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