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Bridestory Quarterly Statistics: per Apr - Jun 2016

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Hello all wedding vendors! Today, Bridestory is back with new insights to help you grow your wedding business even more. From growing Bridestory visitor in Singapore and the Philippines, here are a few things that have happened at Bridestory in the second quarter of 2016:

Monthly traffic
Up to the second quarter of 2016, Bridestory has seen a total of 512,000 monthly visitors, a 2.4% increase since previous quarter. Compared to Q4 2015 to Q1 2016's traffic growth, the Q1 to Q2 2016 traffic increment was not as high due to fasting month prior to Eid'ul Fitr holiday. This caused the slower growth of traffic in June in both Indonesia and Malaysia.

Overall, users from Indonesia contribute the highest traffic to Bridestory (49.91%), and there has been significant increase in traffic from Singapore (16.87%) and the Philippines (13.54%). Other countries with growing Bridestory users are Malaysia (7.45%), United States (4.6%) and Australia (1.61%).

Monthly growth of business leads
Together with the growth in monthly traffic to Bridestory, vendors are seen receiving more leads every month. On average, vendors with a Gold plan receive 48 leads monthly while vendors with a Silver Plan receive 26 leads monthly, a 2.08% and 3.85% increase respectively against the previous quarter. Meanwhile, non-paying vendors (Free plan) only receive four leads per month as they have limited access to many important Bridestory features. It is worth noting that a good 63.8% of leads come from potential clients 'asking or viewing pricelist'. This, again, drive the importance of vendors providing pricelist on their Bridestory profiles to target the right potential clients.

Strong mobile behavior
Total visit to Bridestory from our mobile app have been a breaking 44.67%. With each user spending 8.5 minutes on Bridestory app, it is safe to say brides & grooms nowadays have shifted to their mobile devices to plan their wedding on-the-go. Meanwhile, our desktop generates 28.82% of and mobile site generates 26.51% of total visit. With new features such as Bridestory Blog and Hilda integration on Bridestory app, we expect more and more users to transition from desktop to our mobile app. Thus, we encourage vendors to actively use Bridestory Pro, our app dedicated for wedding professionals.

Social media performance
Known to publish numerous wedding inspirations daily, Bridestory has accumulated a total of 2.7 million followers on Instagram and successfully engaged with 7.5 million brides-to-be across Southeast Asia in a month (read: Bridestory case study on Instagram). Today, the social media team manages four Instagram accounts: @thebridestory (482k followers), @thebridebestfriend (249k followers), @weddingdream (1.16m followers) and @thewedlist (822k followers). Updates are also made regularly on Bridestory Facebook account (210,000 fans) with various contents from The Bridestory Blog and Bridestory Business Blog.

Wedding 'blues'
While white and pink are still the dominating wedding colours, we see an increasing interest in navy blue throughout the second quarter of 2016. With this, we expect to see more weddings decked in different shades of blue in the near future.

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