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Bridestory Quarterly Statistics: per April - June 2017

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Hello sunny day! Enjoy your refreshing lemonade while seeing our latest infographic covering the second quarter of this year, from April to June 2017!

Monthly Traffic Growth
In the second quarter of 2017, Bridestory's monthly traffic grew by 7.5% from the previous quarter with an average of 642,296 visitors per month. In regards to visitors per country, 52.57% of Bridestory's traffic comes from Indonesia followed by 18.69% from Philippines and 16.45% from Singapore.

Vendor Leads Generation
On April 2017, we introduced 'Trial Account' to replace the 'Free Plan' that was available on Bridestory. With the 'Trial Account', vendors whose credits have been finished have the option of extending their Trial period in order to keep using all Bridestory features. However, with that said, Gold plan and Silver plan vendors see better result as they receive 86 and 46 leads per month respectively, a lot more than Trial Account vendors who only receive 7 leads per month in the second quarter.

Saving Favourite Vendors
This time around, we saw a significant incline in the number of users who use the 'Save Vendor' feature. It became the second top lead-contributing feature (5.9%) in Bridestory as users are actively saving the profile of their favourite vendors to be visited again later. This statistics is aligned with the continuous increase in Bridestory app usage (54.1%) among brides-to-be.

Hello, Purple!
Please welcome the luxurious purple into the wedding scene! Though greenery still tops as the most wanted wedding theme, many couples have shifted to various shades of purple when picking their wedding colors. Names like plum, violet, wine as well as lavender are popping up quite often and brides-to-be are even requesting purple flowers to be included in their wedding party. Not to worry because you can definitely combine the greenery trend with this purple attraction. If you have any purple-colored inspiration, this is just the right time to upload it onto your profile so potential clients can easily find you!

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