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Congratulations to 2019 Bridestory Market's Best Booth Winner, Satvika!

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From 25 candidates of People's Choice Award - Best Booth, Satvika was announced as the winner. Satvika is actually a new theme which was specially created for Bridestory Market 2019. Collaborating with a Jakarta-based architecture and design studio, Fffaaarrr, follow the story of how they came up with the concept until the design realization.

About Satvika
This collective theme was initiated by three Indonesian creative workers: Svarna by Ikat Indonesia Didiet Maulana, Andien, and Galmakeup (Galuh Wulandari). In Sanskrit, "satvika" means "the union of body and soul". Inspired by the meaning, the theme of Satvika symbolizes that a human will be reborn and return to his/her pureness on his/her wedding day. Didiet, Andien, and Galuh have indeed a mission to highlight the purity of a bride through either their works or how they represent themselves while working.

Booth Concept
A narrative booth with simple details, but full of thoughtful meanings from the materials to the flow, was the main priority. "The concept disassociated hard selling and preferred to celebrate creativity," said Didiet. "The booth was aimed to steal the attentions through its art-installation visual."

Material & Properties
To respond to the concept of Satvika, Fffaaarrr implemented a reflective material, which is a silver sticker, so visitors can see their own reflection. The triangle shape represents the foundation of the three creative workers. Then, they collaborated with Otjikko in handling the plant arrangement. The florist was chosen because their works' color tones and characters are similar to the three Satvika's initiators.
The booth also showcased a synergy between offline and online rooms. If visitors were interested in finding out more about the story behind each collection, they were able to scan the available QR Code with their cellphone.

On-the-field Challenges
"Time was the biggest challenge," Fauzia Evanindya of Ffffaaarrr admitted. At first, they planned to apply a mirror and reflective metal for the material. However, since the time was running, which would influence the budget, they substituted to a more efficient material, which is a reflective silver sticker.
To add, when the booth had been done, some surrounding booths and space's lightings created various colorful reflections. Some of the reflections did enhance the magnet of Satvika's booth, but others slightly brought visual distractions. However, they positively considered it as a unique side of the story, which eventually adds more charms to the Satvika's booth.

Photography by Calia (cover), Owlsome Projects.

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