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Enjoy Various Rewards with Bridestory Points!

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We're excited to introduce you, Bridestory Points! A reward program whereby Bridestory vendors can earn points by purchasing Bridestory products and services, as well as completing a few tasks on Bridestory website or Bridestory Pro app. When you have accumulated enough Bridestory Points, you can redeem them to get up to 100% discount on all Bridestory products and services.

There are a few ways in which you can earn Bridestory Points. Let's see them below.

  • Subscription Plan
    By purchasing a Main City Subscription, you'll earn Points worth 0.5% of the total Subscription transaction. If you purchase one or more Additional Cities, you'll receive points worth 0.5% of your Subscription Plan.
  • Bridestory Events
    Bridestory is well-known for organizing bespoke wedding events. Simply join one of our signature events (e.g Bridestory Fair, Bridestory Market, etc.) and earn points worth 0.5% of your total transaction. To inquire about our events, please contact us.

Other than by purchasing Bridestory products & services, you can also earn Bridestory Points by completing certain tasks in Bridestory for Business homepage or Bridestory Pro app. These tasks can be found under 'How to Earn Points' section in the Bridestory Points homepage. We will send notification by email and via Bridestory Pro app whenever a new task is up, so make sure you've turned on your notification and don't forget to check your email!

The bigger the amount of your transaction, the more Bridestory Points you can earn. These points can be redeemed to get a discount when purchasing our Subscription Plan, ads in Bridestory Magazine or booth in one of our events.

To redeem your Bridestory Points, simply follow these instructions:

1. Log in to your account from our website or using Bridestory Pro app
2. Go to 'Buy Packages' and choose the Bridestory products and services that you want to purchase
3. Turn on the Redeem Points switch during your transaction
4. Your Bridestory Points will be used as a discount towards your transaction value

Your Bridestory Points are valid for 12 months since the last date you earned points and they are active. However, the expiration date may vary depending on the type of the transaction.

Pending Points are points that have not been added to your Bridestory Points and therefore, are not redeemable yet. These Pending Points will be added once all of your transactions in Bridestory have been fully paid and approved. Your Pending Points are valid starting on the day it is added to your Bridestory Points.

We hope the addition of Bridestory Points will enable you to enjoy even more benefits that are exclusive to Bridestory vendors. You can now check your Bridestory Points balance on your dashboard by updating your Bridestory Pro app. However, if you do not have Bridestory Pro app yet, simply download it from Apple Store or Google Play so you can collect points faster!

Should you have any question about Bridestory Points, click here for more information.

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