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How Blogging is a Great Marketing Strategy for Your Business

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Blogging may not seem as important as the main role of your business, whether that be selling, renting or service provision. However, with the market getting more and more competitive, sometimes doing a good job in your business is not enough. Hence, many marketing measures are advised to be taken by business nowadays, one of which is blogging. In this article, you will understand why blogging can be very beneficial for your business.

1. Blog and product information

First thing first, what does it mean when a business owns a blog? A blog is a marketing tool, and marketing is different to sales. Sales focuses on getting your products bought, but marketing focuses on positioning your products and branding your business. This cannot be done only by displaying the said products, but by providing necessary information about them. People may come across your products on the internet as they browse, but the exclusive benefit of having a blog is to attract people who are looking for information related to your product. Think of it this way, people don't always look for something to buy when they're online, but most go online to find information and that's what you're giving them. Not to mention the additional audience you will get when your content is shared!

2. Blog and social media

Now let's get to the more practical side of the benefits of owning a blog. Getting your business out in the internet fundamentally means that you want people to find you when they look up in search engines. This possibility is increased the more you post on your blog. In a blog, every post you make creates an indexed page, which is the type of page that can come up when you look something up in search engines. That is why a blog has an edge over social media like Instagram or Facebook. Internet users can only find one search result of each of your social media account, no matter how many posts you make there. This means that your chance to get more traffic increases as you post on your blog!

What also differentiates social media and blogs is the amount of control you have over your account. A social media website essentially belongs to the social media company itself. In other words, the visitors you get on your social media page only contributes to the amount of visitors the social media company has. Other than that, this means that the control over your visitors, strangers that are lead to your page, how your page appears—or not appear—in the social media's search results, are all in the hands of the owner of the social media company. This means that there's nothing you can do if something happens to the social media site. For instance, what if this particular company changes their algorithms? What happens if the site loses its popularity? Social media is a great way to communicate with costumers, but it may not be wise to only rely on it as means of marketing. This is why you should also invest on a blog.

Some might argue that creating a blog post is rather time consuming compared to a social media post which can be done in practically minutes. But it is in those contents that you have a chance to promote your products, services, or recent works as well as tell a special story about your business.

3. Blog and customer engagement

All in all, blogging has many features other means of marketing doesn't. When it comes to customer engagements, blogging also has its perks. Although, social media is a very accessible tool for costumer engagement, blogging ensures a more sustainable and moderated communication with costumers. For example, by having your own blog, you can obtain emails or even phone numbers of your subscribers. This way, it's easier to send newsletters, conduct surveys, or ask follow-up questions about something. You can also designate pages for Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Qs) and feedback forms so you won't encounter the same questions repeatedly, and your costumers can simply refer to the page to find information and to send specific messages.

So what do you think? Are you finally ready to start your own blog? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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