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How Fiona Treadwell attracts clients with her signature style

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Taken by Andre from Fire, Wood & Earth

Recently, we had the privilege to interview Fiona Treadwell, the talented florist behind Fiona Treadwell Floristry who has been bedecking Singapore wedding scene with all-too-pretty floral arrangements. Read more below to find her business tips and how she creates her bride's dreams!

When did you start getting into floristry and the wedding industry?
I started almost three years ago. June is my 3rd anniversary and I am planning another giveaway!

Describe the aesthetic of your floral arrangements. How did you discover it?
I like my arrangements to be natural, free, wild and as some call it "organic". Using the flowers natural lines to create bouquets that has movements and depths.

Who are your typical clients? What do they come to you for?
While my clients come from all walks of life, they have one thing in common - they all like their flowers that speak, the arrangements wild, free, and exotic. Clients come to me for their everyday flower need, special occasions, and of course their weddings. I have also extended my services to styling weddings to create a cohesive and complete wedding look.

Taken by Joshua Sim from The Beautiful Moment Photography

Is there a process you must go through before creating an arrangement?
I find inspirations everywhere, but most of it from the person carrying it. I insist on meeting my brides and talking to them to gather inspirations, bounce of ideas, and read their vibes. I will then translate them into my arrangements.

What types of flowers are most popular nowadays?
Seasonal flowers like Peonies and Ranunculus are some of my brides' favourites. The scent of peonies and the never-ending twirls of buttercups are why they are so lovely. My favorite to use is also Ranunculus and David Austin Roses.

Let say a client wants out-of-season flowers or come to you with a tight budget, how do you fulfill it?
There are substitute flowers that look similar and are available all year round. But the key is to go with the feel. If they come with a tight budget, I will offer practicality which is something that I believe in as well. I advise my clients to recycle and reuse most of their arrangements. Like the pew flowers in mason jars for church could be recycled as table centerpieces after solemnization. And, guests could take home these jars after the celebration ends too.

How do you maintain the quality and freshness of the flowers?
First, I pick my own ingredients. Like a chef, I want to make sure everything that goes into my bouquet is fresh so I shop my own flowers. After I bring them home, I condition them immediately and store them in appropriate environment.

Taken by Fiona Sng from Smittenpixels Photography

From your own experience, how effective is it to have an online presence?
Online presence is everything to me. That is how my business work especially when I do not have a shop front.

As a florist, what is the biggest challenge and the highlight of your career?
For me it would be the availability of fresh exotic blooms and Singapore's weather. The highlight would include every wedding, event, and Styled Shoot that I do. Because I take in limited clients and only plan for a styled shoot once a year, I really look forward to creating every event from scratch. Seeing them from single stalk flowers into an arch or an arrangement is fulfilling.

A piece of advice to aspiring florists?
I suggest that you recognize the style you want to go for first and look for appropriate mentors. Learn to have your own style quickly, it is what defines your business.

Here are some keynotes from us for all wedding vendors: Have a meeting with your client first before deciding what is best for them. Although a lot of us have resorted to getting things done on-the-go, wedding is a personal matter that needs personal touch from both the client and the vendor. Knowing your own style also helps to pair you with quality leads than are likely to convert into real bookings, therefore making your marketing more efficient and giving you more time to focus on business and career growth.

What is your signature style? How does it define your business? Share your thoughts below!

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