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How to Professionally Handle a Cancelled Wedding

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Hearing that your clients' wedding is cancelled can be an overwhelming news. However, with the emotional and financial costs of a cancelled wedding, your clients can't afford you adding to their burden. Here, we gathered some ways you can be more helpful for your clients!

Confirm the cancellation

First thing first, find out if the cancellation is official, still in consideration, or even just an emotional reaction to stress. This is especially important when you've been working closely with the client and most likely to be informed first about such possibilities. If they don't look sure, perhaps offer the client to take a time off before coming back with a confirmation.

Only ask necessary questions

Remember, your clients don't owe you an explanation! A cancelled wedding can be caused by many reasons, but they are most likely personal. Make it easy for the couple by getting straight into the practical things to handle. You can offer kind words, but not too much. Don't throw the clients a pity party!

Refer to the contract

Surely, you have listed in your contract what penalties will apply if the booking is cancelled. Make the cancellation easier by directly referring and asking for what is agreed in the contract. If you feel like you've spent more than what the penalty will cover, then you can communicate your concerns with them. However, you should have stated in the contract that the penalty will be higher the closer the cancellation is to the wedding date.

Kindly ask them if they have wedding insurance

When the client is overwhelmed, they might not be able to instantly find solutions even though they might already have one. Remind them that some wedding insurance offer to cover wedding cancellation. This will relief them from so much stress!

Ask for a written confirmation

You clients may have many vendors they need to contact in a very short time. It's not uncommon for miscommunication to happen, especially if it's not the clients themselves who are making the calls. Always have an e-mail or written confirmation so you can notify your suppliers or other vendors you work with more easily if necessary. The written confirmation can also be useful to officiate the penalties you're imposing to the clients.

All in all, be calm for your client and make their job and yours easier!

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