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How to Reassure Clients to Fully Trust Wedding Planners

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As a wedding planner, you surely want to bring the most possible solutions to the happy couple. However, they sometimes tend to be exclusive at first regarding their wedding needs, either because of budget matter or as simple as they think they can handle several things by themselves. This might make wedding planners feeling unsettled to work on their best which puts client's satisfaction at risk.

Through good communication, you can thoroughly explain why putting trust on wedding planners about all of their matrimony details is the right option. Consider bringing these topics to reassure your clients, as suggested by two experienced planners: Soraya Sofyan from Akuwedding and Febri Febrian from Twogather.

1. Party size

The bigger the size, the bigger the preparations. The standard of a big party size commonly involves more than 400 invitations, a long rundown, and some VIPs. Since there will be more than enough vendors, all of detailed preparations should be handled by the planner, not the couple to avoid the stress that can ruin their own preparations.

2. Time

According to Soraya, if both future bride and groom are working full time, the couple should maximize the wedding planner's service. Managing time between office, wedding preparation, and other things can be overwhelming, moreover, it can stir conflicts between the couple, even bring up the bridezilla effect. Therefore, to stay away from mind and body exhaustion, busy couples should entirely trust their wedding preparations to the planner.

3. Destination wedding

A destination wedding has become popular these days. "If a couple wish to hold their wedding at a city different from where they live, help from a wedding planner is highly recommended to organize eligible local vendors," Surabaya-based planner, Febri from Twogather, suggested.

4. Family

During wedding planning, debates inside families are normal. The existence of a wedding planner actually brings a neutral side that is potential in creating a better communication bridge. Preparation pressure will not be a piece of luggage that ghosting the entire internal parties anymore, especially if most of the family members reside in other towns.

5. Theme

Beside destination wedding, a celebration that highlights a characteristic idea is becoming a favorable wishlist among today's couples. If to make this dream theme coming true needs complex preparation, a professional consultant is undoubtedly suggested in order to guarantee good communication to the right vendors.

What if clients still insist on taking a big part in the vendor management? Febri advised that rundown-related vendors, such as venue, MC, musicians, decorations and lightings, as well as multimedia, should be the planner's responsibility. This will avoid clients being overwhelmed coordinating with the D-day vendors. As the happy couple, they should enjoy the show without tensions.

Soraya from Akuwedding recommended that it is ideal if the couple just put trust to planner regarding all vendors communication, whether it is with the D-day vendors or vendors that have worked days before that. Preparation as small as following up vendors can be devastating, and D-day vendors are actually the most involved. "After all, the clients are the king and queen for a day, and wedding planner is here to help them make it come true."

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