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Indonesian Wedding Trend Report by Bridestory

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We're very excited to share our Indonesian Wedding Trend Report! We're proud to say that this is the first ever comprehensive publication on the latest wedding trends in Indonesia, with 4,000 couples participating in the survey. You can now see how couples are planning their wedding in Indonesia and we hope that this report will be a helpful guide for you.

Our survey shows that 60.6% of couples start planning their wedding by the age of 25 to 34, with 35.1% starting even earlier. Most of them take 10 to 12 months (27.8%) to plan their wedding, however about 25.5% only started planning around 3 to 6 months before the big day.

An interesting trend to take note is how most of today's couples have become the primary decision makers in their wedding planning, perhaps because 52.6% of them cover their own wedding expenses. This could be one of the reasons why intimate weddings with fewer guests, which usually cost less than the bigger ones, have become more popular lately in Indonesia.

When looking for wedding vendors, 23.4% of Indonesian couples still rely on referrals from family and friends, while also searching online through platform like Bridestory (17.4%) and social media (15.5%). Price still seems to be the most important factor for couples, followed by the vendor's personality and portfolio.

In terms of photography, 84.2% of couples are still taking pre-wedding photo shoots with 51.6% spending around IDR 7 to 10 million for an engagement session. Outdoor shots taken around town are the most popular (43.3%) and 35.2% of couples prefer wearing casual outfits, while another 32.4% of them opt for formal tuxedos and dresses.

As for wedding favors, pretty trinkets such as stationery (34.3%) and dining utensils (31.1%) are the popular choices. This common selection may be affected by most couples' decision to stick to their wedding budget, with 55.6% of them not going over budget.

With many couples planning their own weddings, 38.3% of them hire wedding organizers to help their wedding day run smoothly. As for wedding venue decoration, 34.5% are decorated with modern style, while 19.9% have a garden theme, which many vendors have predicted as the trend this year. Standing parties (74.6%) are still the most common reception in Indonesia, but seated dinner parties (25.4%) are slowly gaining popularity.

Moving on to the bridal attire. Most brides buy ready-to-wear shoes (56.1%) and either rent or custom-made their wedding dress or kebaya. As many as 52.6% of brides-to-be rent their wedding attire, while 41.2% choose to wear custom-made outfit from a designer. Ball gown (42.1%) is the most popular dress style, followed by A-line (22.2%) and mermaid gowns (14.5%).

Classic white is still the preferred color for the bride's dress or kebaya, followed by red, black, pink, and gold. As for the grooms' outfit, 43.6% of tuxedos are still looking classic in black color. Meanwhile, outfit for mothers-of-the-bride is still dominated with red and blue. For the bridesmaids, they are still wearing pastel color or bright ones like pink and turquoise. In terms of appearance, most brides (37.6%) are also willing to spend between IDR 5 to 15 million for their hair and makeup.

So, here it is, a compilation of the wedding trends to expect in Indonesia this year. We hope the result of this survey would help you set the direction of your wedding business in the year 2016. Feel free to tell us your thoughts in the comment section below!

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