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Introducing Parentstory: A Membership for Kids’ Activities

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One of the biggest problems about becoming parents in Jakarta, with all the skyscrapers, shopping malls, and limited public spaces is that you can hardly find meaningful and various activities for your kids. These days, parenting could become very challenging. Especially during early childhood between the ages of 0 to 6 when it's known as the optimal time for learning. We all know how they can spend hours sticking on their gadgets, whether it's watching a video or playing an online game, let's admit how these gadgets could become useful sometimes. However, if your kid becomes more addicted and spend too much time at home, perhaps it's about time to find a healthy balance between their gadget use and real activities.

We figure how we could accommodate all parents who are concerned about their kids' growth and development while raising them in the big cities. That's why we are glad to present Parentstory, the first Indonesian membership for kids' activities! With our latest innovation, kids' activities made easy. Starts from Rp359.000, parents will earn a membership passes for hundreds of kids' activities in Greater Jakarta area.

Our user-friendly app will enable parents to explore activities for kids from 16 different categories. Simply find the activities that suit your kids' needs and go paperless by showing your online booking confirmation upon arriving in our partners' location, such as Kindy Cloud, Buumi Playscape, Ohayo, Ganara Art, Kidzooona, Funletics, Lil' Hoopsters, and many more. Don't worry about forgetting the schedule, we will help to remind you about your kids' upcoming activities through the app.

Let's start finding meaningful activities for your kids! Be one of our first 200 subscribers and get special price*, so register now! Visit this link for more detailed information.

*This offer is limited for Bridestory members.

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