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New Wedding Business Ideas that You Should Consider

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It is no doubt that the wedding industry keeps rising, not only in Indonesia but also in other countries in Asia. This adds opportunities for new and unique vendor categories in the wedding industry. Wedding planner, decorator, catering, bridal designer, makeup artist are the common vendor categories we have heard a lot. Are you thinking to be a wedding service or product provider who offer differently from those vendors? Consider these business ideas in the wedding industry that you can probably develop.

Bridal Bootcamp

Bridal bootcamp aims to maintain the physical health of the brides-to-be. Generally, its target is the brides because they are who mostly looking for a proportional body and appearance on D Day. A physical and mental training, as well as a healthy diet, become the main curriculum for the brides for a minimum of six weeks. Beside involving professional physical trainer and nutritionist, you also have to prepare a supporting location and a proper meal menu. This program is not only to achieve a standardize appearance but also to prepare the brides' physical condition, so they will not easily suffer fatigue and stress when the big day is approaching.

Marriage Preparation Course

Invites both brides and grooms, this course will talk about topics in marriage life, such as financial and plan to have children. The participants will receive a valuable moment to have an in-depth discussion, as well as to share expectation and dreams with their partners. Lead by the experts, such as financial planner and psychology practitioner, this marriage preparation class will also discuss commonly-taboo topics, such as the difference in cultural and religious background between the lovers, which are packed in fun ways as games and quizzes.

Honeymoon Planner and the Kits

Honeymoon is one of the most anticipated moments after the wedding. Choosing the destination, hotel, and deciding on what to do there are not easy, especially if both are a busy individual. The honeymoon planner will organize the ticket purchasing, accommodation, to on-road documentation. To make the client's honeymoon moment more romantic and unforgettable, you can add a bonus. For example, a set of honeymoon kit that includes snacks, beauty and grooming products, candles or room fragrance, as well as lingerie.

Proposal Planner

Expressing "will you marry me?" is not as easy as writing the sentence. Since this is an extraordinary moment, some bachelors organized it carefully, from the location, decoration, theme songs, to the documentation. If you are interested in designing a proposal planning, besides organizing everything so that the bachelorette cannot find out the surprise plan, you can also give a suggestion about the ring's design and brand.

Wedding Registry

Even though it is more prevalent in Western countries, some Asian brides also use the wedding or bridal registry provider. This service gives brides and grooms a facility to make a wedding gifts wish list (mostly consists of household instruments), including the types and brands. This list is accessible to the invitees, and they can choose which gift they will provide. Next, this list will be updated to show which gifts are still available and to prevent other guests from purchasing the same good. It is also typical that a bridal registry provider has an extensive and good connection with several stores and brands to help the guests ordering the listed gifts.

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