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Photographers, Here's How You Can Help Anxious Clients on Their Pre-Wedding Shoot

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Not only the wedding day, but a pre-wedding album shot can also trigger anxieties among clients starting from the preparation to the D-Day. They generally worry about how to look good in front of the camera. It is crucially needed for the involving vendors, such as photographer, stylist, as well as hair and makeup artist, to ease them. Christina Holmes, Bridestory's Senior Editor who had experienced those anxieties herself and have also been handling a lot of pre-wedding photoshoots as a stylist, shared some tips on how to minimalize your client's insecurities. Photographer Daniel Liben also adds some recommendations to make the pre-wedding photoshoot sounds less scary for the brides and grooms-to-be.

Before the photoshoot

1. After studying the client's expectations, send them some references or mood boards so that they can visualize it. If your clients honestly admit that they feel insecure about being in front of a camera, show them various references of poses which they can imitate during the photoshoot.

2. Find locations that have a historical value to the upcoming newlyweds, so that they can feel connected with the surroundings. The image results will eventually have a strong personal sense.

3. Advice them to wear something comfortable, especially when the location is outdoor. If the concept involves some heavy formal suits, we recommend to include some casual wardrobe to prevent client's exhaustion.

4. Recommend your clients to do the wardrobe fitting 5 - 7 days before to prevent technical issues. So if there are some, they can be fixed, or the solution can be planned as soon as possible.

5. Remind them to sleep the night before. Suggest them to have a proper rest at least one day in advance, and to consume an appropriate amount of water and food.

During the photoshoot

1. Arrive earlier than the schedule to prepare your equipment well, and to maintain the positive mood of the clients.

2. Play some music, romantic genre and an easy-to-listen one in particular. For movement poses, such as walking or dancing, the rhythm will help the couple to follow the grooves and help them do the movements.

3. Don't forget to make conversations with them and add some jokes. Before the shot, the hair and makeup artists can also help to ease them down by keeping them in a discussion during the makeover.

4. For the photographer and stylist, give your clients some encouraging comments, especially when they start to look tired. Compliment them every time they showed their best poses.

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