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Stressed out? Here are 3 de-stressing activities wedding vendors should try

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We understand that you have had stressful days pressured by the need to deliver. A lot of things on your checklist need to be ticked off and you need to be on top of your game to make sure a wedding will go without a glitch. With this in mind, we want to emphasize the importance of not getting burnt out (just yet) and remain 'sane' throughout your hectic schedule. Steal yourself a chance to catch a break and do one of these de-stressing activities to wake up refreshed and motivated.

Unplug and disconnect
Give your eyes and brain a break! When you're stressed out, reading emails and 'trying' to get things done are not going to make you feel better. Instead, unplug and take the night off to just sit back, relax, and unwind so you have the motivation to get back to work the next day.

We recommend: Catching up with the latest episode of Bachelor, hanging out with your family or singing your lungs out to chill out tracks on Spotify.

Find a 'distraction'
Even though you are passionate about wedding, your life does not have to be just about wedding. Find time to do something else that you love or seek another interest so you can feel happier and refreshed. Having a 'distraction' will also help you remain interested in your full time wedding job after meeting numerous engaged couples and listening to different-but-similar demands.

We recommend: Joining a cooking class, knitting sleeping socks, or signing up for gym membership

Go for a short getaway
Everyone could use a good sweet escape to eliminate a lot of stress. As the weekend is usually your busiest time, make use of the weekday to go for a short getaway. Get out of your comfort zone by making impromptu trips to explore new locations instead of planning in details to create a perfect escape.

We recommend: Trekking the forest in Spring, kayaking through the river in the Summer, camping and waking up to a crisp morning in Fall, renting a lakeside cottage in Winter.

Now, while the above options require more time, here are five quick de-stressors you can do almost anywhere:

  • Stop overthinking. Think about one thing one at a time. We tend to want to finish everything in the to-do list all at once, however over-thinking provokes anxiety which may lead to panic attacks. As a wedding vendor, panicking is reserved for your clients.
  • Breathe deeply. Sometimes all you need is a nice deep breath. It will give your body an extra dose of oxygen to reduce tension and relieve stress.
  • Stretch and massage. Nothing like a good stretch wherever you are to soothe stiff joints. Ask a friend to do a soft massage on the nape of your neck to relax your head and shoulders. Don't forget to return the favour and help your friend gets relaxed too.
  • 'Seclude' yourself. Find a nook where you can be alone and have a 'me' time at work. Noise and constant interruptions contribute to unproductivity and you might get stressed out for not being able to focus and get things done.
  • Do nothing. Take a break and do nothing for a few minutes to clear your head and reorganize your priorities. Listen to calming sounds at Calm.com and time your own break at donothingfor2minutes so you don't get carried away.

So, when did you last take a break? What did you do to de-stress? Tell us some of your own remedies below!

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