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The Keys to Leave a Lasting Impression on Your Clients

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Leaving a lasting impression plays a crucial role in the wedding industry. Especially since many wedding business gain clients through reputation and references. Therefore, a certain set of ethics should be held to keep more clients coming. Here are some of them!

1. Quick Responses

Many brides find themselves in the middle of a crisis during their wedding planning process. Anyone who helps them out in such situations will surely be the hero of the day! With that in mind, try to respond as soon as you can. Prompt responses remind the bride that you were present for most parts of the planning, thus makes you memorable for being punctual.

2. Mind Your Manners

From smiling to arriving on time, having a good attitude and manners will do you good. With many competitions in the wedding market, a good attitude will set you apart from other vendors. This will also make clients remember you positively and they'll surely give you a good reference.

3. Take Notes

A sense of understanding will be valued a lot in any industry, especially wedding. Asking the bride the same things multiple times is a big no. It creates the impression that you didn't listen closely. Other than that, you'll be doing the bride a favor because oftentimes brides have to juggle between several vendors at once and they might miss something on her list. Reminding them what they mentioned they liked or wanted will put a big smile on their face!

4. Apologize

Even when you didn't cause the problem, it means a lot to the client if you lift them off of the guilt. It also shows that you have the genuine intention to make the wedding as great as possible. If you caused the problem or made a mistake, you must always come forward about it. It helps ease the problem-solving process and shows that you are in good character.

5. Be Organized

The most important thing to do is to finish your job in timely fashion. This means, you can't let the client caught you off guard, not having finished something you should have or could have. This also means that you should organize the flow of the work. The client often asks how much of a progress you have made, you need to have an answer to this! Letting the client know that a certain percentage of the work is done creates the impression that you work fast and responsibly.

6. Be Honest and Realistic

In the early phase of wedding planning, many brides come with a very grand vision of what they want their wedding to be like that's often unrealistic. If that's the case, don't be afraid to admit that it's not something you can do. Of course, this must come with the ability to make your alternative look just as good. It is certainly better to lower their expectation than to upset them with an unsatisfying result.

7. Gifts and Thank You Notes

After the wedding is over, clients' mind will drift off elsewhere and they might forget about you. Sending them a bouquet of flowers or thank-you cards will remind them of your good service. Other than that, gifting makes clients feel special and respected.

Overall, creating a lasting impression is all about making clients appreciate you, and not just your work. It shows your level of professionality and you'll certainly pop in their heads anytime a relative or friend ask them for wedding vendor reference!

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