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Tips to increase your online presence today

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You already have an expertise and know your price range, now, what's next? Let's be online.

Today, your online presence is as important as doing offline promotions to build brand awareness. A Nielsen's Total Audience Report shows that adults are spending 5.9 days per week on their smartphones and 4.3 days on their PCs. This means your potential clients are most likely online and constantly browsing for anything, including vendors for their wedding. A well-executed online strategy makes you go where they go and positively shapes opinions about your brand.

To increase your online presence, here are several tips we have compiled for you:

  • Be confident with your brand's value
    As much as possible, avoid replicating your competitors.Think about what differentiates your service. Use your strengths as a unique online identity to establish your brand among other vendors in the same category. If you have a team of sales, sit with them to find out what your previous clients always like about you and use it as your leverage.
  • Submit your wedding
    Brides-to-be spend months searching for inspirations to create the kind of big day that reflects their taste and personality. Often times they visit wedding blogs to see how earlier married couples had done it. To a vendor, these blogs help secure presence both online and in the wedding industry as a whole as your brand will be mentioned as one of the vendors listed in a particular wedding. If you have a real wedding or styled shoots, you are invited to submit it to Bridestory Blog for a chance to be featured.
  • Embrace social media…NOW!
    Have you jumped into the social media bandwagon? We talk about its importance all the time and we're telling you this now: it makes old brand looks younger, popularizes new brands, reaches more people and cost-effective for both home-based and institutional vendors. Use social media to remind potential clients that you're still around so they won't forget you and let your competition win them.
  • Personalize your contents
    Pretty images are important to attract viewers, but showing the 'human' side of your brand is just as crucial. Post behind-the-scene pictures as you see it and write creative, unscripted captions because when you're found online, brides-to-be want to know who you are. Make potential clients feel excited about working with you because they dub your brand as 'real'.
  • Optimize and manage your website (if you have one)
    Don't keep a website just for the sake of having one. When you neglect your website, you're making potential clients feel doubtful because they can't verify if you're a legit business or not. If keeping a website is too much of a hassle for you (design, optimize, maintain!), sign up FOR FREE at Bridestory to conveniently own a business profile and showcase projects so you can be found and connect with brides-to-be who are looking for a vendor just like you!
  • Be online and get talked about
    Word-of-mouth is a traditional but effective method to increase brand awareness. Combine it with online reviews and frequent social media activities and you got yourself a powerful strategy to increase online presence.

So, if you're still not sure how to get more people to connect with you, try following one of these steps. If you have more suggestions based on your experience in increasing online presence, feel free to leave a comment!

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