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For some time, wedding trend has shifted towards small-scaled and family-focused celebration. As the demand for this type of wedding increases, the first party to be affected is, of course, the wedding vendors. New trend means bigger opportunities to explore more creative approaches to satisfy your clients' expectations. So, let's get to know more about this intimate wedding concept by considering what factors have caused the shift.

  1. The value obtained
    Make no mistake by thinking a smaller and more intimate wedding is less demanding than the usual grand wedding. If a couple isn't limited in budget, they have chosen a smaller celebration to have more space to entertain and mingle with their loved ones. Therefore, they may have planned how they want their wedding to be. If a couple is tight on budget, be prepared with several alternatives so they don't feel like they have no choice at all. All in all, the celebration should reflect the couple's personality like how their guests know them.

  2. Responsibility
    Although it's a small celebration, intimate wedding usually comes with intricate details requiring extra care and attention. Therefore, you're still expected to meet deadlines, communicate clearly and ready to help when the couple needs assistance.

  3. Rooms for customization
    As it's a smaller-scale wedding, less people are invited hence allowing a couple to choose a smaller and less conventional venue that gives rooms for more creativity and personalization. If you've never worked on the venue before, make sure to familiarize yourself beforehand so you know the layout before suggesting any idea. If you've previously handled another wedding in the same venue, show them what you did to help the couple visualize their own concept.

  4. Possibility of better quality
    With a shorter guest list, quality is indeed a priority over quantity. Budget aside, an intimate wedding also enables a couple to pick more custom menu, gifts, theme and entertainment hence increasing the probability of making their wedding more personal and enjoyable. For example, for the favors and gifts, there's always a possibility that the couple have allocated more budget per item compared to a grand wedding's favors and gifts where the couple would mostly think about the quantity.

What do you think about this trend? An intimate wedding surely caters to a couple's preference for private celebration with the presence of the people they're really close with, so the overall wedding ambience must reflect that very nature. If you have further thoughts about this trend, don't hesitate to leave a comment below and if you like this article, do share it with your friends!

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