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Vendor Idea: Decorations for Function Halls

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As a wedding decorator, you must have had situations whereby a venue is 'challenging' to decorate. Often times, such perception is linked to function halls which may look unappealing because of the usually old building structure and interior. However, don't worry too much and think of it as an empty canvas that you can transform beautifully.

Now, let's take a look at some decoration ideas for function halls that can be useful for your next project:

1. Flowers
If your clients doesn't mind an abundance of flowers, then by all means use them to decorate the function hall. It will look more beautiful and no one would suspect the venue is just an ordinary function hall.

Photo by Jose Villa via Koyal Wholesale

2. Geometric Elements
Geometric elements are trending right now and known to infuse a modern feel and the unique shapes will easily become the center of attention.

Photo by The Great Romance

3. Candles
Candles bring in a warm feeling that instantly changes the look and feel of the entire room. Combine them with other elements like flowers and greenery to create a romantic atmosphere.

Photo by Jasmine Star

4. Fabric Drapery
There are a lot of interesting ways to use fabric as a decor element. You can drape the fabrics over the surrounding walls, hang them on the ceiling, or throw them beautifully on the altar.

Photo by Jasmine Star

5. Decorate the Ceiling
If the venue allows, decorating the ceiling to create the illusion of a bigger and higher space.

Photo by Doc.Designlab via Pinterest

6. Lighting
Lighting is a vital part in wedding decoration to lift up the atmosphere in the room. There are two ways you can incorporate lighting to the decoration:

  • Chandelier.: They are a lovely addition that adds a vintage and classic sense of elegance even if the overall decoration is relatively low-key.

Photo via Pinterest

  • Little lights. Unlike chandeliers, it is calmer and more delicate but not less attractive. This will be perfect for rustic-themed weddings.

Photo by Bright, Bold and Beautiful via Pinterest

As you have gotten some ideas, what exactly should you pay attention to when decorating function halls? Here are some of DOs and DON'Ts to help you get started:

DO: Consult with the building management
Before implementing your ideas, it is better to consult with the building management first as some function halls are very old and therefore you need to know where you can place your decorations. Say you wish to install some chandeliers, but is the ceiling strong enough to hold the heavy crystals? Make sure you also know the proper loading procedures to bring in your decorations.

DO: Choose simple but impactful decorations
For function halls, opt for simple yet impactful decorations. One idea is to put enough lighting on strategic spots to create a great ambience for the whole setting. Another way is to incorporate 'fabric play' on the ceiling so the venue would look more elegant.

DON'T: Force your ideas
The building management may reject some of your ideas due to building policies. If this happens, do not sulk over the situation and quickly inform your clients. Sometimes you can compromise with the venue for the little ornaments, however you should be ready to provide substitutions for the elements you cannot bring. For example, if you can't have real candles in the room, replace it with flameless electric candles or lights.

DON'T: Get demotivated
Decorating function hall can be tricky and tiring but don't be demotivated if things don't go as you have planned! Remember how happy your clients would be at the end when they see your work. If they're satisfied, you would be too and it becomes a great experience for you.

We hope these tips can give you more ideas while planning decorations for your future clients. Do you have other ideas to transform a function halls into a beautiful wedding venue? Share them below!

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