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Wedding Fair 101: The Considerations & 5 Tips to Make the Most Out Of It

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Wedding fairs, exhibitions, expos or bridal shows in some countries, is one of the best opportunities for vendors to meet directly with potential clients and pitch in their work. For new vendors in the wedding industry, it's also a great chance to showcase your products and services to the visitors and make yourself known in an offline event. Scroll on to learn the consideration before joining a wedding fair and in addition, tips to making the most out it.

The Considerations
Here's the thing, if you're not familiar with wedding fairs in the first place, you might end up joining a fair that's not right for you. That could result in wasting your money when you can actually invest on other much effective promotional mediums. But fret not! Take a look at these two common considerations before deciding to join a wedding fair.

  • Is it the right wedding fair for you?
    Join a wedding fair that invite visitors of your target market. For instance, you are a premium wedding cake vendor, if you join a wedding fair that are attended by those who are more budget-conscious, you are not likely getting much bookings because visitors couldn't afford you. Hence, it's wise to learn about the wedding fair through and through. Consider the scale of the wedding fair too, if you're looking to target a mass market, then you can join a larger-scale events. Or if you opt to join smaller intimate ones, then join those with less than .
    Tip: Usually the event organizers share the theme, expected number of visitors, their background and the promotional mediums of the wedding fair in the proposal deck, so take note of it and be sure it's right for you.
  • Is it within your budget?
    If you've found the right wedding fair for you, the next issue would be the affordability. Wedding fairs can be costly, therefore, consider whether it'll be a good investment for your business. Note that there are more expenses besides the booth rental such as decorations and printouts. Thus, if you intend to join a wedding fair, it's best to start saving a portion of your profits early before joining one. This way you wouldn't be spending too much money at one go.

Tips to making the most in wedding fairs
After joining a wedding fair, then all you have to do is find out how can you fully make an advantage out of it. You are well aware that wedding fair is the only time when you can pitch to your potential clients face-to-face, so it's time to shine and stand out!

1. Set goals
Though it seems obvious that you want to score as much bookings as you get, it's better to quantify your goals beforehand. From the number of leads and bookings to the increasing likes or follows in social media to measure your awareness. By setting them, you won't risk wasting your money away. It's best to calculate how many bookings you need to make in order to cover what you pay for the wedding fair. This way you have a game plan when attending the fair and amp your efforts.

2. Showcase what you really do
Showcase or decorate your booth with that represents what you do, your signature aesthetic or include past projects you're proud of doing. For instance, if you are a photographer who enjoys taking outdoor engagement shoots, then hang some of those projects in your booth. Be open about your working style and what can couples expect from you. This is to avoid disappointing clients of requesting services that you can't do unless you're up for the challenge. But when inquired be open about what you can do and by doing so, you attract visitors who truly connect with your works.

3. Use creative methods to collect leads
In our past article, we've mention that one way you can get more leads during a wedding fair is by collecting information of visitors who approached you. This routine is probably done by every vendor so it gets boring for visitors, they may eventually loathe it. Hence, find a way you can creatively collect their data and create a lasting impression to them. For instance, gamify how you collect their data, if they can fill in as much information as they can, they can get a free gift or if you want, treat them to a free service in a lucky draw.

4. Offer 'on-the-event' promotions
There is also a way where you can attract your social media followers to come and visit your booth at the wedding fair you're joining, limited on-the-event deals. If you're up for it, you got to first promote your participation in the wedding fair through your social media networks and next, share the on-the-event deals that you are going to offer! This way, your followers are more likely to come and book your services during the event and make your wedding fair experience worth it.

5. Network with participating vendors
One of the perks of joining a wedding fair is the endless opportunities to network with the participating vendors! From technical meetings prior to event day itself, you will be bumping with other vendors, so take the chance to get to know each other and perhaps you come out with a collaboration in the future. Who knows you might end up getting referrals from fellow vendors who appreciates your work and passion!

Dilemma: To display or not to display pricing
It's a tough choice, some vendors are wary of choosing to show pricing upfront in their booth or in the pamphlets. Distributing or showing the price upfront might make visitors lazy and won't approach you, while it can invite them because they think you're in their budget. However, if you choose not to, you invite those who are interested at your work without price being the issue. So it's a trial-and-error method, whereby you won't know which one works best for you until you try it.

All in all, joining a wedding fair or exhibition is truly an exciting experience for wedding vendors. Seeing many different couples visiting in hopes to find all the right vendors for their wedding, such a lovely gathering. For those those who've experienced going through a wedding fair, would you share a tip or two for making the most out of joining a wedding fair? Share some of yours on the comments section below!

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