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Wedding Vendors, Here’s How You Can Help a Clueless Bride

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Whether if you like it or not, some brides are going to make your job more difficult with their cluelessness. Being upset about it won't help anyone, so we suggest you stay cool-headed and try your best to accommodate. Here are some simple ways to help these clueless brides as a wedding vendor.

1. Keep your website and social media accounts clear and understandable

One of the most common mistake clueless brides do is to e-mail or comment on your social media post to ask for packages or pricelist. That surely won't be pleasant especially when you have your packages listed on your site. Therefore, make a clear headline on how to access your packages and pricelist. Be sure to have detailed explanations on the list to prevent more unnecessary questions. When a bride comments on your post to ask for price, simply give them the link.

2. Always have a portfolio ready
Sometimes bride don't know what they come to you for. They don't know what kind of pictures you take or what cakes are you expert on. They might not even know what kind of wedding they want! In such case, the best you can do is to hand them a portfolio and tell them that you will be happy to discuss the plans once the bride is ready. It's not your job to wait as they indecisively flip pages of a bridal magazine! If needed, tell them exactly what kind of jobs you don't do to avoid lengthier discussions.

3. Give clear and detailed questions
Clueless brides think that once they book you, it's done. Therefore, be aware of issues that commonly arise during wedding and make sure you have all the information needed to handle it. What kind of venue will the wedding take place in? Will you need permit to enter? When is the permissible time to decorate? Do they want this much flowers at this price? It's your job to be clear and detailed when the brides are not. Besides, knowing this would also be doing you a favor.

4. Ask for examples
Many clueless brides can give you very vague directions. For instance, that they want "simple" flower arrangements, but simple can mean a lot of things. One way to do handle this is to ask clear and detailed questions, another way to do it is to ask them for examples or inspiration pictures. This will ensure you and your client have similar visions. Also, be clear on how similarly you can recreate the inspiration look, otherwise a clueless bride might have unrealistic expectations of you.

5. Talk about budget
One of the best way to narrow down what you can give to an indecisive bride is to match your service with their budget. As was said, a clueless bride doesn't know what to expect and sometimes what they want aren't part of any packages. To help them decide, you can ask them how much they're willing to spend on your service, therefore they have a clearer idea of what they will get or what they can choose. Don't leave the bride to her surprise when you give them the final invoice!

6. Be clear about your availability
Clueless brides, and even non-clueless brides, won't always remember that you're a busy business or that you only have a few members. They'll try to contact you in the most inconvenient moments and feel unhappy when you don't promptly reply. This means you have to set it clear in the beginning that, for instance, most of your weekends are filled with other wedding jobs or that you take a day off every Monday. Also, be clear on what means of communications you prefer. Email might be good if you want to archive everything they requested or perhaps text messages work better because you're always on the go.

7. Be communicative
When a bride is already clueless, don't make everything more confusing with awkward silences. Make sure the bride is comfortable talking to you so that she can follow-up anything comfortably and talk about her ideas more freely. This way you can understand her vision better and if you couldn't, at least she had a great time working with you.

Nothing satisfies a clueless bride more than a vendor that helps and understands her! Not only that taking these steps will help you perform better, but it will leave a lasting good impression!

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