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What should you do to instantly captivate a potential client?

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It is that season of the year - couples got engaged and now they are going around to pick the best vendors for their wedding. For you, this is the time when you will be pitching your services and convincing them why you are their best option to score a deal.

Now, in a meeting, you can either make or break your chance. So, what should you do to instantly captivate them? Don't pinch your brows yet as we will guide your way to close more bookings. Take a look below!

1. Be confident and prepared
An ability to sell, a good personality, and a confident gesture are some of the first things other than price that couples will take note about you. Be prepared to answer both typical and tricky questions and instead of conversing through emails, offer to call or make a 1-on-1 meeting so you can have a client-vendor bonding time.

To quote Molly Sims, an actress, model, humanitarian, and author, "There are still times when I'm scared shitless. But you know what helps? Confidence - even if you have to fake it a bit. Walk in like you already got the job or gave a great pitch. It's an extension of believing in yourself."

2. Establish common ground and engage comfortably
Going straight to the point is good, but to make the air much more comfortable, establish a common interest by starting with a conversation about their personal interests or love story. Your talk doesn't have to be all about work because this way you can dig deeper about their personal preferences which later can be helpful to draft ideas. Simply avoid being too nosy and try to not suggest anything when they ask about personal matters because things could easily go from pleasant to awkward.

3. Pay attention to what they are saying
Some clients come to you already knowing what they want, some others come clueless about many things. Regardless of the situation, give them all of your attention. Listen first to what they need before suggesting any ideas. Have a note ready and list down the main items or services requested while simultaneously creating a package to suit them. If you aren't clear about what they are trying to say, don't hesitate to pause them and ask for a repeat. But remember, don't do this too often because paying attention is part of being professional too.

4. Share what you can do
After listening to what they say, it's time to tell what you've got! The notes you've taken is essential item in this step so you can start with exactly what they want before offering other things later. If they happen to request something you don't normally offer, don't say you can right away. Instead of offering promises, tell them you'll discuss it with the team and get back as soon as possible. If you can't fulfill that particular request, suggest other alternatives and wait for their response. Remember, don't be afraid to say 'no' if the request is not possible.

5. Bring along portfolio
Never forget your portfolio. Put it in the car, have a designated portfolio bag, and store pictures in your phone because honestly, you don't know when you will meet a prospective client. Pick a good mix of the most popular, latest, and your own favourite works to help clients explore ideas. For example, if you're a wedding cake vendor, show pictures of the least to the most tiers you can do and the kinds of cake decorations you specialize in so clients can understand your style. This will help narrow down their preferences, cut their decision-making time, and increase your own efficiency.

6. "Is there anything else you'd like to know?"
Finally, before you end the meeting, ask again if your potential clients have other concerns. Asking this question is like trying to get the first sign of either approval or rejection from them. Even if they say there's nothing else, make sure to remind them how to easily contact you. This is to keep the conversation between you and them going.

Encouraging on-the-spot bookings
Everyone likes to close a deal soon as possible because it allows you to work on other opportunities. Offer limited-time incentives that are hard to pass up in order to cut the time taken between post-meeting and decision-making. Whether it's a price reduction or a complimentary service, sometimes you have to do what you got to do even if it makes them agitated. After all, no one can guarantee if other vendors would offer something as good as yours!

With this guide, we hope that you're able to close more bookings in the futures and grow your business rapidly. Share some of your tips to get more bookings on the comment box below!

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