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Why Bridestory Blog Has Not Published My Wedding/Prewedding Project Yet?

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Submitting your wedding/prewedding projects on this link is one of the ways to be featured on Bridestory Blog. To maintain quality, we have several standards for your submitted project, mainly on photos. If your project has not been passed yet, some of these things might be the cases. We also include the recommended asset samples for your reference.

  1. Not enough detail photos
    Not only wide angles, but detail shots will also make an attractive album, such as photos that focus on souvenir, accessories or decoration.

    Photo: Taylor & Porter
  2. Not photos of the couple at their reception
    The couple solo photoshoot, without other people, during their lunch/dinner reception is one of the must-have assets to show the profile of the happy newlyweds.

    Photo: Max Willy
  3. It looks like a lot of other weddings
    To attract our readers, the wedding/pre-wedding should have a one-in-a-million concept and visuals.

    Photo: Thepotomoto
  4. Not enough photos
    We love options! The key is to upload more photos of small details that will support the entire album mood. Besides, sending tons of visuals help us to create an interesting story.

    Photo: Caroline
  5. Unnatural/over-edited colour balance of the photos
    Make sure you or your photographers used lighting as natural as possible. Edit is allowed as long as it doesn't look artificial.

    Photo: Natalie Wong Photography
  6. The pool was highly competitive
    Did you know that every day we receive hundreds of submissions from Indonesia, Singapore and The Philippines? On Bridestory Blog, we always try to display albums that are very distinctive and visually appealing.

    Photo: Terralogical
  7. Watermarked photos
    We really appreciate if there are no watermark in the images, or at least the watermark is not major and doesn't dominate the visual.

    Photo: Team Benitez
  8. Unproportional angles
    Make sure there are no slanting horizon lines. Your assets should offer proportional angels and clear focus.

    Photo: Berawal Dari Teman
  9. Compositions need to be improvised
    Photos with a great capturing moment attract us so much. Make sure you don't include pictures with bloopers to the album.

    Photo: Owlsome Project
  10. We recently published similar weddings/preweddings
    Sometimes, several vendors at the same wedding uploaded the same album. Don't worry if you are preceded. As a vendor, your name/brand will be credited in the article.

    Photo: State Photography

                    The more unique and artistic the assets you send, the more chances to be featured on Bridestory Blog. With this exposure, couples who have been our readers will take your portfolio into consideration.

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