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2018 Wedding Trend Forecast by Bridestory

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As we begin this new year, we're are going to uncover the wedding trend forecast for 2018. This year it is all about the brides expressing themselves in through an edgy yet sophisticated wedding that reflect their personality best. You'll also see the some wedding trends from the past year that will linger this year and finally the past trends you need to bid farewell. So without further ado, scroll on below to find out!


Lately, we're seeing more and more weddings that are rather personalized to the characters of the bride and the groom. With that being said, wedding themes like extravagant fairy-tale concept will finally see the end of its era. It is the fact that couple favor natural and organic elements that's driven them to choose rustic concept over fairy-tale. However, if you happen to have a couple who prefers fairy-tale wedding concept, we suggest you to advise them to go on the more modern and simpler route of the concept, such as emphasizing on the romantic and feminine vibe with touches of flowers here and there. This will also enable your clients who are on a tight budget to save time and money.

With this change, it also seen that 'doll makeup look' and 'big puffy dresses' are also on their way out as well. Nowadays, brides are looking for something more practical, thus, dresses with extra-long trains are quite a rare sight. Adding into the bandwagon is feathery dresses. With minimalist, modern gowns taking over the wedding scene, feathery dresses is not the go-to choice for the brides of today.


You may recognize that some of the elements seen in the video are those coming from 2017. However, they are certainly still loved by couples until this day and will continue trending through 2018. Versatile themes like 'botanical', 'rustic' and 'tropical' will still be on demand for weddings this year. Moreover, the colors 'blush' and 'rose gold', which are increasingly popular during the last months of 2017, will carry on strong to 2018.

Let's talk about wedding fashion, brides will still opt for simple wedding dresses with plunging necklines and off-shoulder model. The 3D floral embellishment technique which creates an extra outstanding look, would still be a major hit this year. What's more, other details like calligraphy, eco-friendly souvenirs, loose floral arrangements and marble elements are also on the list of trends that are carrying over to this 2018.


Et voilà! The 'Stardust' theme will be the main trend of this year and boast the weddings of 2018. Characteristics of this theme includes beautiful string lights, romantic lighting tone, celestial-themed elements, and muted palettes that compliment each other, and those are just a starter for this fascinating wedding theme. We'll be seeing brides blending in the theme to their wedding celebrations to make a dazzling and dreamy soirée. With Pantone officially announcing Ultra Violet as Color of The Year 2018, we wouldn't be surprised to see it gracing this year's weddings as well.

Moving on, what's preferred by brides are those simpler and minimalist dresses. They will complete their look with nature-inspired headpieces, a modern veil, or a cape. Makeup artists take note that 'fresh-looking natural makeup' is on the rise for weddings of this year.

And there you have it, all the wedding trends that are going out, staying in and incoming for 2018. Seeing the videos above, what do you think about the trends? Share your thoughts and other trends you wish to see on the comment box below!

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