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Wedding Inspirations with Pantone Color of the Year 2018, Ultra Violet

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Let's bid adiós to Greenery, and make way for Pantone's Color of the year 2018, Ultra Violet! According to Pantone, the blue-based purple shade communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future. In the wedding scene, variants of purple are no strangers indeed. They have been used in plenty of color palettes, beautifying grand-scale decorations even down to the tiniest details.

Unlike the soft lavender used for pastel-themed weddings or dark burgundy for a bohemian-vintage wedding, Ultra Violet, at first glance, is not the typical color for weddings. However at a closer look, the color is surely a fresh addition to weddings of 2018. Scroll below to take inspirations from Ultra-Violet-tinted wedding elements and who knows, this color might be one your clients are looking for in 2018!

Decoration & Flowers
Let's start with an aspect where Ultra Violet can stand out the most in a wedding, the decorations! As Ultra Violet is such an intense color, we suggest to avoid going too strong with the application of this color and make the whole decor look tacky. Instead, opt for some details that would go well with an Ultra Violet touch such as the napkin, glassware or cutlery.

Does a cosmic stardust theme come to mind when you set your eyes on Ultra Violet? Because to us, it surely does! Hence, it's also a great idea for decorators to combine the two together, and instill it on the menu and place cards for instance. If your clients are not keen on the galactic theme, you can always embellish the stationeries with flowers or leaves instead, like the escort cards shown below.

Dresses & Suits
It's probably highly unlikely for your client to wear an Ultra Violet wedding dress, thus it's time for the florists to make their magic happen with the flower bouquet! There are so many purple flowers of different hues, you may find just the right one as close to Ultra Violet as possible. This also goes for the groom too. Use a single- or multiple-flower boutonniere and prop it right on the suit lapel. For bridal houses or wedding shoes vendors, it's also a good idea to suggest the bride to wear a pair of purple shoes to stick to the whole theme.

Now, let's not leave out the bridal party. If Ultra Violet can't make it to the bride, let it be recognized through the bridesmaid dresses! The shade truly makes an elegant line-up, dressmakers and designers can offer their client to have mismatched dresses for a fresh variety of purple hues. As for the groomsmen, incorporate the Ultra Violet on the ties and pocket squares to keep up with the theme.

Invitation & Souvenir
Your clients may want to introduce a hint of their wedding celebration early on to their guests through their invitations. What invitation vendors can do right here is to add a touch of Ultra Violet to the design, either through the colour of the envelope, the ink color or as seen on the picture below, portrayal of the stardust theme on the invitation card.

Let's not leave out the souvenirs too! Have your clients' guests bring a piece of Ultra Violet home with them. Take cues from the photo below, it's as simple as tying a ribbon around the souvenir jar or if your client requests for other household products, organic soaps or even scented candles will do just right.

Catering & Wedding Cake
Who said you can't instill Ultra Violet on the food and drinks? Just take a look at the images below! A simple ribbon adds just the right touch to the delicacies. Also, you can try to offer your clients to serve lavender tea on their wedding. It'll be a great addition to complement the overall theme.

With a multitude of creative methods that wedding cake vendors have, it's definitely a must to create an Ultra Violet cake. Perhaps, some purple icing on the cake tiers or simply use purple flowers to adorn the cake. Or maybe, purple strokes brushed over fondant with accents of gold foil as seen on the picture below.

Miscellaneous Details
Don't forget to also pay attention to the details too. Jewelry vendors can opt to collaborate with a stationery vendor to create a custom ring box for your clients as seen on the left-side of the picture below. It'll be a special personalisation well appreciated by your client.

To all designers and bridal houses, take note of this purple veil! Such an elegant addition to your client's bridal look, especially one celebrating a wedding inspired by Ultra Violet. It may be unorthodox, so if your client doesn't like it, you can always suggest them to wear it during the pre-wedding photo shoot.

After seeing all the inspirations above, have you got an idea on how you can use Ultra Violet for your clients' wedding? If you have a great color palette idea incorporating Ultra Violet, do share it with us on the comment box below!


Photography: via Pinterest, Candice Benjamin, Jessica Burke, Katherine Ashdown Photography, onelove photography, doc. The Mrs. Box, via himisspuff.com, doc. Kelly Birch

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