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3 Tips to Run A Successful Wedding Business using Bridestory

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Bridestory is like an online shopping mall for all things wedding. When you set up your profile on Bridestory, that's like you're opening a store in Bridestory Mall. Everyday, thousands of brides and grooms-to-be around the world visit this Bridestory Mall to find not only inspirations but also to shop for vendors needed to create their dream wedding.

As the number of brides-to-be visiting Bridestory grows (550,000 monthly visitors!), so does the number of vendors listed in this online mall. With this growth, we notice that vendors always want to know how their business profile can be more appealing than the others to attract brides-to-be. So today, this article is dedicated for you and other wedding vendors who wants to run a fruitful wedding business using Bridestory.

Let's imagine yourself as the owner of a store in the most crowded shopping mall in town. In order to stand out and attract customers, you will need three things for your store:

1. Your Best Products Showcased in the Front Window
A good product will show the standards of your business and for customers to be interested, it has to be displayed attractively. Customers are less likely to enter a store that sells outdated products and have an unappealing display, hence why majority of retailers care so much about innovation and visuals.
Hence, uploading your latest great project on your vendor profile is one of the ways to build a great profile and attract more traffic.

2. Good Location
Meanwhile, a good location affects the number of customers entering your store - more people will pass by and enter your store if you are at the main lobby compared to if you're on the fifth floor somewhere in the corner. Therefore, there is always a premium price to open a store in the lobby area or to appear at the top on Bridestory vendor listing.
More brides-to-be will visit your business profile if it is not at the bottom of the search result. Hence, we highly recommend purchasing a Subscription Plan so your profile can appear higher when potential clients look for a vendor.

3. Great Customer Service
Last but not least, only an excellent customer service can keep the visitors engaged in your store. Without a quick, detailed and genuinely nice service, your brides can leave your the store before you can win their heart.
And as cliché as it is, if you want to make sure a bride-to-be does not book another vendor, you must respond their inquiries as soon as possible.

When you combine all of these, your business profile will certainly have more chance to sit at the top of the vendor list and catch more brides-to-be's attention!

With this brief guidance, we hope your wedding business can experience the growth that you have been expecting. Of course, there are additional marketing factors that contribute to the success of your business such as an attractive Instagram account, collaborative projects with other vendors, and a good relationship with past clients. All things taken into account, if you want to learn more about how to grow your wedding business with Bridestory, simply let us know by commenting on the box below or email us at support@bridestory.com.

Watch the illustration of Bridestory as an online shopping mall in the video below.

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