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Best way to follow up leads using Bridestory Chat feature

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On Bridestory, we divide brides-to-be into 2 categories: 1) Potential Client, and 2) People Interested. While brides-to-be in the Potential Client category has higher probability of converting into a real client than those under People Interested, you'll be able to follow up everyone under both categories.

As mentioned before, in order to minimize the risk of losing business opportunities, you need to follow up all leads as soon as you receive them. Having a lot of unread messages will also impact the position of your business profile on our vendor listing. Hence, the Chat feature that has been created for vendors on Bridestory.

In this article, we give you all of the step-by-step guide to fully utilize our Chat feature and get more clients at the end of the day!

Chatting Via Bridestory Pro app

Using the Chat feature on our mobile app is the fastest way for you to reach out to both Potential Clients and People Interested as well as reply incoming inquiries. To do this, simply download the latest version of Bridestory Pro on App Store or Google Play and login to your account. Afterwards, follow the instructions below to begin your chat:

  1. On the home screen, tap the Menu (☰) icon on top-left corner and select Statistics on the drop-down menu
  2. Choose between Potential Clients or People Interested and tap the Contact button
  3. Then, select the 'Chat' option
  4. Your previously saved message template will appear. Tap the Send button right away or edit the template as necessary
  5. Click the '+' button if you would like to attach a photo
  6. Choose between adding photos from your phone gallery or taking a new photo to be sent

Another advantage of chatting using Bridestory Pro is you'll be able to receive and reply your messages on a real-time basis wherever you are. You can also keep track of them by looking at the check mark that appears right next to it:

  • ✓ means your message has been sent successfully
  • ✓✓ means your client has received the message
  • ✓✓ that have turned green means your clients have read your messages

Customizing Your Message Template

Instead of copying and pasting your responses, use our default message template to send a quick reply to Potential Clients and Interested People. If you would like to create your own template, simply do the following steps:

  1. On the Statistics page, tap on 'Customize Email Template'
  2. Replace the default template with your own. When you're done, make sure you click the checkmark (✓) button on top-right corner to save the new template.
  3. Now, your new template is ready to be sent!

Note that you can only customize your message template using Bridestory Pro. Therefore, don't forget to download the app now if you don't have it yet!

Sending A Message via Desktop

While the Bridestory Pro app has all of the same features as the desktop site, here are what you should do to send a message via desktop:

  1. Login to your account and go to 'Statistics' on your vendor dashboard.
  2. Click the messaging icon next to the names of your Potential Clients and People Interested
  3. Type your message and then, click 'Send Message'
  4. To check incoming replies, click the mail icon on top-right corner
  5. You'll see a list of chats between you and your clients
  6. If you want to send an attachment, click '' to attach either a PDF document or an image

The number of notification next to the mail icon shows how many messages you haven't read yet. We encourage you to always read and reply all inquiries as soon as possible so your business profile can remain on the top of Bridestory vendor listing.

The 'Chat' feature in Bridestory has been designed to enable smooth communication between wedding vendor and brides-to-be. We hope this guide can help you make the most out of Bridestory features and get more businesses at the end. If you have any question regarding Bridestory platform, feel free to email us at support@bridestory.com

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