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Increase reliability by collecting reviews of you

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When was the last time you booked a hotel for vacation? Did you check the review section beforehand? Most likely, the answer is yes. You want to read others' experiences before deciding where you would be staying. The same goes for all brides-to-be - they want to know the reasons before choosing the vendors for their wedding days. Therefore, your potential clients rely on reviews of you to choose you.

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Best way to follow up leads using Bridestory Chat feature

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The Chat feature in Bridestory has been designed to enable smooth communication between wedding vendor and brides-to-be in order to minimize the risk of losing business opportunities. Follow this step-by-step guide to understand how you can fully utilize out Chat feature of Bridestory features and get more businesses at the end!

Bridestory Platform Insider : Features & Reports

Why providing your price list is important?

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As a vendor in Bridestory, you may notice a section in your profile regarding price list that can be edited from your vendor dashboard. Yes, we ask you to include your pricing and a brief explanation of services included in the package to better pre-qualify the inquiries you receive. At Bridestory, we want to help you connect with more qualifying potential clients who visit our site. The more information becomes available about your services, the easier it gets for them to answer their own questions.