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Why providing your price list is important?

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As a vendor in Bridestory, you may notice a section in your profile regarding price list that can be edited from your vendor dashboard. Yes, we ask you to include your pricing and a brief explanation of services included in the package to better pre-qualify the inquiries you receive.

At Bridestory, we want to help you connect with more qualifying potential clients who visit our site. The more information becomes available about your services, the easier it gets for them to answer their own questions. A quick tip from us: filling in the pricelist section also increases your profile strength and visibility in our homestream. After carefully gathering and assessing data from all Bridestory vendors, our analysis shows that vendors with price list generate roughly 4x as many leads compared to vendors without price lists.

Besides increasing your Bridestory profile strength, the provision of price list also helps you generate more qualifying leads. Avoid writing "contact us for more details" because that doesn't answer the questions that brides-to-be have in mind. By being transparent about your pricing and the package, you are setting a clear message of what a potential client can expect from you and it also helps potential clients start a discussion with you regarding what they like and whether you can customize your package for them.

If your pricelist is highly customized depending on details and complexity, we suggest you to put a starting price and describe how your price fluctuates (for example, "John Doe dress, starting from IDR 2,000,000 per bridesmaid dress, and IDR 10,000,000 per wedding gown. Our dresses are highly customized depending on material, length and details. If you're interested, please leave us a message and we'll reply you as soon as possible").

We do realize that even with the price list and explanation clearly shown, some potential clients still like to cross-check what they have seen. In this case, use the chance to help them visualize their wedding day with your great services being part of it. Supply them with images of your most recent works and reviews from previous clients, both of which can be easily seen on your Bridestory profile. This way, it can be easier to explain why you charge what you charge. Once you have entered the "discussion phase", it is good to remember that you can set a limit to avoid negotiating against yourself, because it is OK to not please every potential client or else you'll be stressed out.

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