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Bridestory Quarterly Statistics: per Jan - Mar 2017

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Reports from the first quarter of 2017 is here! Look out for exciting growth data and wedding color that will popular this year.

Monthly traffic growth
From one quarter to another, traffic from our leading countries such as Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines has been constantly growing - contributing 52,26%, 16,50% and 17,27% respectively to our total traffic. Meanwhile, our average monthly traffic increased by 2% against the previous quarter.

Steady growth in average number of leads
As Bridestory continues growing every day (we had our 3rd anniversary in March!), we are happy to say that the average number of leads vendors received escalates every quarter. This time around, Gold Plan vendors get 83 leads while Silver Plan vendors get 45 leads monthly, showing an increase of 27.7% and 28.6% respectively from the final quarter of 2016. On the other hand, Free Plan vendors received significantly less with only 8 leads per month.

Thriving mobile application usage
It is no surprise that more and more Bridestory users are converting to our mobile application to search for both wedding vendors and inspirations. Our data shows that Bridestory app users make up 53.5%, followed by desktop (26%) and mobile site (20.5%). This also reflects to the average time spent on our app - an average of 9:06 minutes versus 5:37 minutes via desktop.

We can safely conclude that users enjoy using Bridestory app more and more as it serves all the features of a desktop site but accessible anywhere especially on-the-go. Also, with the in-app messaging feature, brides-to-be can easily chat with vendors of their choice. Thus, vendors should download Bridestory Pro app to instantly respond their inquiries.

A Green wedding with 'Gold' accents
While 'greenery' is appointed as wedding color of the year and dominates the wedding scene, it seems like brides want to add a touch of classic glam on their big day. Hence, the popularity of 'gold' as the most searched color in Bridestory. You can expect an extraordinary combination between green and gold elements in many weddings this year!

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