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Bridestory Quarterly Statistics: per October - December 2017

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Let's take a look at the highlights and statistics from the final quarter of the year 2017 below!

Monthly Traffic Growth
As we hit the year-end, we got an increase totaling to an average of 711,000 visitors per month from October to December of 2017. We see a slower growth for web and app traffic compared to last quarter due to the holiday season, as it is highly likely that couples are away for Christmas and new year holiday. By the contributors of the traffic, Indonesia brings 60.02%, followed by the Philippines (17.86%) and Singapore (14.92%).

Vendor Lead Generation
In the fourth quarter of 2017, vendors with Gold Subscription plan received 91 leads, while vendors with Silver Subscription plan received 53 and Trial Vendors received 7 leads on an average per month. With that being said, it's a good opportunity for vendors to follow up potential clients who have contacted you via Bridestory and other communication channels.

Introducing 'Stardust'
Perhaps, with the hints given from visitors who mostly are looking for Navy Blue inspirations, this opens up a path to make way for the Stardust theme. Thus, this is in-line with the release of our 2018 Wedding Trend Forecast. Other colors most searched also include Red and White.

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