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Sandra Dewi's Fairy-Tale Wedding at Tokyo Disneyland

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Last Tuesday, Bridestory shared the elegant wedding ceremony of beloved Indonesian actress Sandra Dewi and her husband, Harvey Moeis at Jakarta Cathedral through Facebook Live. Today, we are sharing exclusive coverage from their wedding ceremony at Tokyo Disneyland! Read on and be enchanted by this beautiful celebration.

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5 tips to arrange a home wedding for your clients

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As home wedding celebration gets more popular nowadays, it is advisable for wedding planners to know how to prepare a wedding in a private residence. Here, we have gathered a checklist that will help you turn a home into the perfect wedding venue.

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Favourite wedding flowers that all florists need to know in 2016!

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As a florist or wedding decorator, we're sure that you understand how important it is to have the perfect floral arrangements for a client's wedding. This time, we dedicate this article to cover all the basics a florist need to know including popular wedding flowers, the meanings of flowers, and top wedding flowers trend for 2016.

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Vendor Idea: Unconventional Centerpiece Ideas

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Centerpieces are essential decorative pieces for tables in a wedding venue. Usually flowers and glasswares become the signature choices because of their modern yet emotional impact. However, there are also unconventional centerpieces that are just as beautiful but not commonly considered by many brides-to-be. Let's see what new ideas you can suggest to your potential clients.

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Vendor Idea: Decorations for Function Halls

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Influenced by wedding inspiration boards and wedding blogs, brides-to-be nowadays have high expectations for their wedding decoration. This becomes a challenge for wedding decorators who work on different kinds of venues like gardens, restaurants, hotels, and function halls. Some venues may have looked appealing by themselves, but what if it is a spacious yet dated function hall? Now, here are some tips on how you can transform a plain space into a grand venue.