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Business Tips : Client Relations

Choosing the perfect wedding colors for your clients

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With the frequently changing trends, many couples nowadays want to see more unique colour combinations in their big day. Because of the vast options of colours, your clients would need a lot of your help to decide which ones would match their vision. In here, we are sharing a complete guide to help you pick the right colours for your clients!

Business Tips : Client Relations

How do you handle a client's rejection?

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A wedding vendor's job includes convincing potential clients that you are indeed the right candidate for a spot in their vendor list. Sometimes you get an easy 'yes', but other times you get a harsh 'no'. What should you do when a prospect rejects you? Let's find out about different types of rejection and how you could react upon them!

Business Tips : Client Relations

Step-by-step for dealing with angry (and difficult) clients.

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Working in the wedding industry, you're bound to meet different people with obviously different expectations for you. Some days your clients would be elated with your service during their big day, and some other days your other clients would come back to you with a pout on their faces. Having angry clients is inevitable and when they're angry they could become difficult to mitigate.

Business Tips : Client Relations

What to do when you got online negative reviews?

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As a wedding vendor whose daily job could vary from sculpting a 7-tier wedding cake to becoming the PIC of a bride's big day, surely you have encountered a number of brides-to-be who are (still) not satisfied with your hard work and leave negative reviews online. Left unattended, these reviews may affect your brand image.